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Contribution Problem

We have the mind and capacity to donate, but dont know the credentials of the help seekers whom we do not get to see in person.

KINDLY Solution

We will gather necessary details and do a little bit of research  on the antecedents of the help seekers and post the relevant details in the 'KINDLY' site, thus presenting reliable information at your doorstep.

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WELCOME TO - the website offering affordable, comprehensive, risk free microfinance solutions to millions of poor people in India, welcomes you to  the site.  If you are in need of money this site will be useful to you.  If by divine grace, you are financially well off the site will remind you of your social responsibility, if you have a kind heart.  So kindly spend few minutesgoing through the site.

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100% Transparency

"I know where my money is going"

Small Contributions

"I only need 100 rupees to change one’s life"

Great Satisfaction

"" It gives satisfaction in rendering a helping hand to my fellow men in trouble, within my capacity "

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Name : Ranjith Kumar
Member Since : 04 May, 2010
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Loaction : Not Mentioned, India
Name : Raja John
Member Since : 01 Jun, 2011
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Loaction : Not Mentioned, India
Name : Kumaran TGK
Member Since : 15 Jul, 2010
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Loaction : Not Mentioned, India
Name : Luka Blau
Member Since : 13 Oct, 2016
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Loaction : Not Mentioned, Germany
Name : Venkat sss
Member Since : 01 Jun, 2010
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Loaction : Not Mentioned, India

May 15th, 2011

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May 11th, 2011

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SA-Dhan, a network body of majority of Indian Microfinance Institutions has released its sixth annua...

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